Reevaluating the Populist Surge in Poland

/Jorens Jakovļevs/ By now, even the most disinterested spectator should have noticed that the European political discourse has undergone enormous changes in the last couple of years. Right wing populist parties that were on the fringe have entered the scene with a bang, and signs show that they are here to stay. Except, perhaps, for … Continue reading Reevaluating the Populist Surge in Poland


The Yellow Vest Movement: A New French Revolution?

In the beginning of this year I went on a trip to Bordeaux. Upon arriving we were warned about the weekly gilets jaunes protests that would take place that weekend. The next day we witnessed a large amount of people wearing yellow vests with banners and garbage bins with ‘Macron’ on them - all through an air filled with tear gas. What sparked this mass movement?