Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Addressing the Invisibility of Europe’s Colonial Past in Museum Collections

Museums in Europe are amongst the most problematic culprits when it comes to masking the colonial past. Looking around museum exhibitions displaying objects from different cultures, descriptions of pieces often state that they were “donated” or “acquired”, this kind of elusive language often means that the objects came into the museum’s possession through the means of colonisation and plundering – Anna Boyce

The Deceit of Centrism

Liberalism offers a compelling narrative of civility and democracy that seems ever so appealing in an era dominated by strong man authoritarians and xenophobic nationalists. Nonetheless, in practice it serves as a quintessentially conservative ideology that benefits the status quo and keeps the door of real change closed. As the world is sinking – literally and figuratively – under the weight of human inaction and fundamental systemic flaws, a new perspective is necessary – Jorens Jakovlevs

Europe’s Future Cities

/Cara Räker/ About sustainable city development and what Amsterdam has to offer. If our European cities today looked like the ones envisioned by the comic artists of the 1960s, Amsterdam’s Cityscape would include a lot more glass spheres, robots and people sporting fish bowls as headpieces and aluminum foil as a denim replacement. We would … Continue reading Europe’s Future Cities

Netflix, State Power & Lev Trotsky

/Jyry Pasanen/ Cinema and TV have a long history of state influence, including everything from funding to censorship. Hollywood films, such as the blockbuster series Iron Man, Transformers and The Terminator are known to have received funding and support from the US Department of Defence (DoD). In some cases, the influence has gone as far … Continue reading Netflix, State Power & Lev Trotsky

We Have Always Been at War in Eurasia

/Jyry Pasanen/ On Armistice day, the 11th of November this year, 60 heads of state and government gathered in Paris to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. At the centre of attention, the gang of four: Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin. Much has been said about … Continue reading We Have Always Been at War in Eurasia

Reevaluating the Populist Surge in Poland

/Jorens Jakovļevs/ By now, even the most disinterested spectator should have noticed that the European political discourse has undergone enormous changes in the last couple of years. Right wing populist parties that were on the fringe have entered the scene with a bang, and signs show that they are here to stay. Except, perhaps, for … Continue reading Reevaluating the Populist Surge in Poland

Re-Humanising the Refugee Crisis

/Anna Boyce/ In a time where media and politicians portray refugees to be nothing more than facts and figures, Anna Boyce explores another side of the refugee crisis as portrayed through cinematic representations. If the hundreds of multicoloured flags around the city escaped your notice, a few weeks ago the IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) … Continue reading Re-Humanising the Refugee Crisis

A Recap on the Career Dinner

/Cara Räker/ Including interviews with NOS Nieuwsuur presenter Jeroen Wollaars & European Central Bank advisor Arne Gieseck The annual Career Dinner took place on the 23rd of January. It was a beautiful but frosty night, which was very much felt through the tights, thin button-downs and silk blouses which were interpreted to meet the requirement … Continue reading A Recap on the Career Dinner

The Yellow Vest Movement: A New French Revolution?

In the beginning of this year I went on a trip to Bordeaux. Upon arriving we were warned about the weekly gilets jaunes protests that would take place that weekend. The next day we witnessed a large amount of people wearing yellow vests with banners and garbage bins with ‘Macron’ on them - all through an air filled with tear gas. What sparked this mass movement?

Practice in Kierkegaardian Misery

Hanna Blom As she settles back into Amsterdam life, HANNA BLOM reflects on one of the courses she took during her semester in Copenhagen, Denmark. While Copenhagen was cozy and vibrant, the lack of sunlight and cold weather made it a challenge to continuously keep spirits high. Luckily, one Danish existentialist proved himself to be … Continue reading Practice in Kierkegaardian Misery